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Brass Blokes Award

Lifeline Brass Blokes Award

About The Brass Blokes Award

The Brass Blokes Award recognises the amazing spirit of 'blokes' within our region. We want you to recognise and nominate those who have been through adversity yet still find the time, courage and inspiration to give back to their community. Nominations will open 28th August 2017. This years awards night will be hosted in Newcastle, 20th October 2017.

As well as celebrate these men the event will raise awareness of men's mental health and raise funds for Lifeline Hunter Central Coast.
For more information contact Lifeline, 4940 2000 fundraising@lifelinehunter.org.au

To enquire about aligning your business with this Lifeline fundraising event please contact Vanessa Swilks on 4940 2000.

Brass Blokes Award

Date: 20 October 2017

Venue: TBA
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Guest Panel: Gus Worland, John Cleary and Lawrie McKinna

2016 Guest Speaker

Nick Bowditch-Nick Bowditch is husband, a dad to four, and a nationally and internationally acclaimed Storyteller, Mentor and Speaker. He is a successful (and by his own admission also unsuccessful) entrepreneur, a thought leader in social media and he suffers from depression.


Call 4320 7400.
Email Vanessa, 4940 2000 fundraising@lifelinehunter.org.au

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Client / Participant Testimonials

  • Brian

    "You really did save my life tonight. I was very very close to doing something silly."

  • David

    "I thought no one could help me and I felt so desperate,
    but talking to someone was the first step to getting my life back."

  • Ian

    "The perspective offered in my lowest moments,
    gave me the strength to continue at moments when I could otherwise have given up."

  • Jenna

    "I never knew it would bring so much relief to talk to someone who cared"
  • John

    "Thank you for that information and thank you for talking to me.
    I actually feel a bit better getting it out of my system and saying how I really feel."
  • Kathy

    "I want to compliment Lifeline for the professional and caring approach. I was very impressed with the service I received yesterday.
    I'd also like to say that many years ago Lifeline literally saved my life when I was in a very dark place. Thank you."
  • Katie

    "Thanks heaps for your help, I feel calmer and a lot less like harming myself now."
  • Matt

    "I even feel better typing to you tonight - I feel like I have taken some action.
    I was a bit scared of calling; but find online chatting less scary. What a great idea."
  • Renee

    "Thank you for having such wonderful people taking time to help others."