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Accidental Counsellor Foundations - Armidale

Start Date: 17/08/2018

Time: 9.00am-4.30pm

Venue: Quality Hotel Powerhouse - Armidale, 31 Marsh Street, Armidale



This workshop is FULLY SUBSCRIBED. Please refer to the calendar for alternate workshop dates.

Our 1-day condensed workshop is an abbreviated version of our telephone crisis support training and covers active listening skills, communication techniques and so much more.

Ever had to step into the shoes of The Accidental Counsellor?

The Accidental Counsellor Foundations Workshop will provide you with necessary skills and tools to be able to step into the shoes of an accidental counsellor momentarily, respond appropriately, efficiently and effectively to people in crisis or distress when there may not be a professional immediately available.

In community services work, we may often be the first point of contact for someone in crisis needing immediate assistance. Even without a formal qualification in counselling, a toolbox of counselling techniques and questioning frameworks provides the necessary support to clients when they are anxious, angry, experiencing loss or in a challenging time in their life.

Participants gain a greater understanding of how to communicate more effectively and learn strategies to help foster effective and trusting relationships with clients or peers. In this workshop, we ask participants to reflect on personal values and beliefs and how they influence interactions with clients. How you respond will create an impact on the person in need of support or assistance and often determine the outcome of your interactions. The workshop is flexible and interactive, encouraging participants to ask questions, share their experiences, practise skills and engage in self-reflection.

1 Day Condensed Workshop

  • Module 1 The Accidental Counsellor
  • Module 2 Barriers to listening
  • Module 3 Values and beliefs
  • Module 4 Understanding conflict
  • Module 5 Dealing with behaviours of concern
  • Module 6 Professional boundaries & self-care

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